Why Your Facebook Ad Not Delivering

Want to know the reasons why your Facebook Ad Not Delivering?

Facebook plays a major role in Social Media Marketing.

Facebook advertising is now becoming the cheapest and best way in social media marketing way to advertise online, sometimes it produces results better than the likes of Google ads and other traditional web ads.

Till you grow your network on Facebook organically, the only way your business will be seen on the social media network by a vast majority of people is by Facebook ads.

A key advantage of Facebook ad is its ability to reach the exact audience or prospects.

Facebook ad is considered to be one of the most targeted forms of advertising in social media marketing. You can advertise to people by age, interests, behavior, location, marital status, etc. If you know your customer persona, you can use Facebook advertising to engage them in a meaningful way.

But chances are, your Facebook ad may not be producing the desired results as per expectations. There could be some common mistakes that may be jeopardizing your Facebook advertising campaign.

Here are Five reasons or mistakes that you may be doing, for the Facebook ad not delivering to your expectation:

facebook ad not delivering |
Facebook Ad Not delivering

1. Not able to reach out to the target audience. This is one of the primary reasons why Face book advertising doesn’t work for some of the people. Don’t focus on too broad an area, such as interests. Interests targeting is not as accurate as we think they are, and hence should not be the main focus for targeting.

2. Targeting the right set of people but with wrong offerings. For example, for those who subscribed to your mailers or free services target them for sales. But, target those who landed on your website to build your list but not for sales.

3. You are targeting the right set of people with the right offering, but not with the right messages. In such cases, ensure your message is impactful and crisp so that it drives the desired results.

4. Your budget is either too low or too high. The budget you set should be decided based on several factors so that it is just right for your campaign. If your budget is too high, you might be overspending and exceeding your marketing costs which can result in a loss for your business. Also, if the budget you set is too low, you may not be able to compete with your competition.

5. You might be focusing on the metrics that do not bring good results. Some of the advertisers are confused if they should focus on CMP, CTR, or CPC. Again, know your ad objective and see what metric would be right for your objective. For example – if your ad objective is conversion, then the metric you should be focusing on is Cost per Conversion and not CTR or anything else.

If you do this well, you can lay a strong foundation for your social media marketing campaign on Facebook.

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