How to Start a Blog or Website In just 3 Steps

Step 1: Get a Domain Name 

The first thing you need to do is choosing the right domain name that is available and also catchy to attract website visitors.

Choosing a domain name can sometimes be very time-consuming. For this reason, it is essential to come up with a great domain name quickly.

Here are a few guidelines for choosing a great domain name for your blog or website.

 Get started with your own name:

webiste domain name |Your blog is an excellent opportunity to build your personal brand. So start with your own name if it is available.

Make sure it is a short name. It can include your first name and last name or first name and middle name as you may feel convenient. People tend to remember short names more easily. As a guideline, when selecting a domain name, try to stay within twenty letters. Having a short and easy to remember domain name will give you an advantage over other long & hard to remember domain names.

Domain Name should describe the Brand and Purpose:

If you don’t prefer to have a domain with your name, then have a name that describes your blog and its purpose. 

For example, a domain name that says or will immediately indicate what your blog is about. It will be easy for people to remember you and your site.

My own domain names and, have some relevance to what these blogs are about. The word “Digital” means that I am writing about Digital Marketing, and the word “trekwith” means that I am inviting adventure enthusiasts to read about my treks.  

These are just examples; your blog NEED NOT be on Digital marketing. It could be about your hobby or any other expertise you have developed over the years. It can be about Food, Fitness, Travel, Cars, Bikes, Nature, Kitchen recipes, Pets, Technology, Education, etc. 

Some examples of choosing domain names in these topics are,,,, etc.

You should select a topic or subject which you are passionate about and can demonstrate yourself as a subject matter expert. This is very important because only then will you be able to write useful articles about this subject and engage visitors who come visit your site. 

Many blogs are guilty of writing about things based on what’s trending in general. They publish stuff that has nothing to do with their passion. Select a niche and attract a particular target audience

Get a .com domain name extension only:

dot com domain names |Though there are several extensions available, I advise you to go for a .com domain name only. Even today, several website visitors assume that domain names have a dot com extension only. So don’t confuse them and go ahead with a .com extension only. Domain names with other extensions or with numbers may be cheaper, but don’t compromise on your domain name by saving a few hundred rupees.

Check for spelling mistakes and avoid numbers and hyphens when choosing a domain name. E.g. avoid or

Avoid complicated pronunciations and those words that sound foreign as your audience will be mostly from India. 

Cost: Rs 850.00

Step 2: Get Webhosting

Webhosting is an online storage space that stores your articles, images, video, and other files that comprises your site. You need to get a Web hosting to save all these content of your site.

Web hosting is necessary as without hosting; your website cannot connect to the internet.

Web hosting service provider helps you with domain name purchase also though it is not compulsory.

Cost: This is a paid service, and it costs INR 340 per month or 4,000.00 per anum.

Treat this cost as an investment in your brand. Once you have your own website, there will be several opportunities to make money from your site and recover this cost.  

a2d6664600 |For Webhosting, I recommend A2 HOSTING which is a reliable web hosting company. They offer Unlimited SSD Storage & Data Transfer.

It is one of the few companies that accept payment in rupees. I am sharing a link below to sign up with A2 hosting.

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Step 3: Install WordPress

WordPress is an online, open-source website creation tool, which is probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system today. WordPress is versatile and can be used for Blogs, business websites, online magazines, and even e-commerce sites. Many popular blogs, celebrities, and even fortune 500 companies are now using WordPress to build their sites. You need to customize your site with themes and plugins for a good design website and added functionality.

Cost: Free

blogscreenshot |
Blog made with WordPress

With these 3 steps, and with an investment of just Rs 5,000 you can start your journey of creating your own blog or website with a self-hosted WordPress blog. This is the first and most essential step to learn and practice digital marketing from your home. 


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