Social Media Lessons to Learn from TamilNadu Weatherman Posts

Who is the Tamilnadu weatherman and what are his posts about?

When massive floods hit Tamil Nadu in December 2015, a silent hero rose to the occasion. This silent hero from Chennai started a revolution in the world of weather forecasts. 

During this unprecedented flooding, most cities in Tamil Nadu had a power outage and continuous rains. The rain kept pounding each day, and the only hope people had was that the tough time would pass.

This is when our Chennai weatherman Pradeep John or PJ as he is called in his personal circle, stepped in and became a hero.

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TamilNadu Weatherman

Pradeep John, now, popularly known as the Tamilnadu weatherman posted regular updates on the cloud patterns on his Facebook page. He also forecasted the possibility of rains in the coming days based on scientific data and analysis. 

This Tamil Nadu weatherman’s interpretations were spot on. 

His love for numbers stemmed from the fact that he has an MBA in finance!!

In the world of Facebook, he is known as the Tamil Nadu weatherman or Chennai weatherman. He has more than half a million followers on Facebook, and his following is growing exponentially.

But he more than just a weatherman. He is an individual who is passionate about the weather and its changing patterns. For all wannabe weathermen who want to learn weather patterns and cloud behavior, he would be the perfect guide as his posts are very descriptive and enlightening. 

Digital Marketers can learn a lot from this Tamil Nadu weatherman.

One biggest lesson would be – How to use social media for a good cause and educate people, in his case about the weather.

He considers himself to be a pluviophile. The meaning of the word pluviophile~ (n.) a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days

In Tamil Nadu, it is was a usual practice of people to start the day by reading newspapers or visiting a temple. 

But with the advent of digital media, times have changed now. People now open Facebook first thing in the morning and most of them check what Tamil Nadu weatherman posts today. 

This is the impact he has created over a few years. 

The critical factor which makes him stand out is the accuracy of his weather forecast.

In December 2016, When the Vardah storm hit Chennai, he was the first person to issue a warning about a “very severe” cyclonic storm hitting Tamil Nadu’s shores. He posted this on Facebook, asking people not to venture out sharing that the cyclone looks deadly. 

After his regular updates and warnings, the schools, colleges, and offices were shut in Tamil Nadu.

His Facebook page is most sought after by people, and he takes a lot of pain to keep updating the page because he is concerned for the well-being of people.

He is a great humanitarian, and when he is not sharing weather forecasts, he inspires people with his quotes.

In one of his interviews, he has quoted “It’s not always about the knowledge. It is how you connect to the people that defines you”. 

How are his weather forecasts accurate?

How does he get this data on the weather?

He spends around INR 20,000 per annum out of his pocket to get the weather data and study it. He has the thirst to gain knowledge in the weather domain and share it with people.

The Tamilnadu weather man himself has posted on Facebook that he has been mysteriously helped on several occasions by strangers. To quote Paul Coelho “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”.

This has resulted in almost all his forecasts being near to accurate.

What are the Social Media Marketing Lessons To Learn From this Tamil Nadu Weatherman?

1. Help People & Answer Their Key Questions (solve problems): 

As a blogger, influencer or Social Media Marketer, always identify the critical issues of your audience first. Then see how you can address them through your blogs/updates on social media channels. This is exactly what this Chennai weatherman does. He identifies the critical problems of people during Chennai Rains and addresses them in his posts. Millions of people search in Google for “Tamilnadu weatherman posts today” and read his posts.

His Facebook updates usually get thousands of shares and also get widely circulated on Whatsapp groups. In Tamil Nadu, when people plan their travel, they first see his Facebook page before they leave their homes/offices.

2. Focus on One core Digital Channel:

Many Social Media Marketers tend to use a lot of Channels and try to post and optimize all channels for their success. The two things to learn from his success story are –

Understand Where your customers are.

Which channel you are most comfortable with.

Chennai alone has  7.5 million users on Facebook, close to about 15 million people from Tamil Nadu. So, Instead of focusing on Instagram, Twitter and other channels Pradeep concentrates only on Facebook – a platform that the Tamil Nadu audience is most comfortable with.

He has now connected his Facebook updates with his Twitter profile which gets him additional attention because of his great content and popularity.

3. Simplify Complex Things: 

This Tamil Nadu weatherman has the ability to simplify the complex graphical representations about the weather and explain in a simple manner. Here is an example of one of his interpretations – “The rain band is a snake-shaped cloud”. This helps the common man to take a look at his representations and understand them quickly.

4. Be Consistent: 

Many users of Social Media start their journey with a bang. They share several posts in a spark but later fade away. Pradeep John doesn’t wait for Monsoon season to share his weather updates (which he is most known for), even during the summer season his page is active. He gives regular updates on Heatwaves in the summer season, shares inspirational quotes memes, real images, quick videos, links to articles and more to engage his audience.

 He is consistent with his posts though he claims that he is not doing it full time.

In the days of rain, I break this self-imposed rule – says this remarkable Tamilnadu weatherman.



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