7 Reasons Why Your Business Absolutely Needs SEO

As a business owner if you know about Digital Marketing, then you are probably aware that you need SEO for your website.

The primary reason you want SEO is to rank on the first page of google. You want Google to send traffic to your website and not to your competitor’s websites.

You also know that if your site is ranking on the first page in Google, then it is worth investing in SEO.

SEO is definitely worth and will always be.

But ranking on the first page is not the only benefit SEO brings for you to take SEO seriously. SEO will definitely improve your website’s overall visibility as it will start appearing in Google searches, but there are other real values that SEO offers.

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In this article, I will offer some clarity to business owners, as to why you need SEO rather than paid ads for your business.

How using SEO you can take your brand to the next level with SEO. This is regardless of the industry that you belong to or the size of your business.

1: The Ad Costs are Increasing

Facebook ad costs and Google pay per click cost has literally doubled in the last few years. The cost to acquire a lead through Facebook and Google ads has increased tremendously. The cost has been increasing since 2017-2018 and has doubled since last year. If you were running an ad for INR 10 a click last year, it is at least INR 20 a click now.

2: The Quality of Leads is decreasing

Even though the lead acquisition cost has increased the quality of leads has gone down. With the increased cost, one would have expected to get quality leads and convert them into buyers.

But that’s not the case anymore. Paid ad campaigns are now not as profitable as before.

I am seeing a marked decrease in the quality of leads I get from my paid ads campaigns that I run for my customers.

What is the reason?

This is because your buyers are saturated with ads. They see several ads every day in your business category, and they are not just clicking on your ads but also of your competitors.

Audiences are now Smarter than before. They aren’t clicking ads or filling the lead forms like they were earlier. Some are using ad blockers and other tools to block the ads. They are more worried about their privacy.

In the past, buyers have clicked on ads that had tall claims, but when they transacted with them, they had a bad experience. So customers have changed their perception of the ads and don’t trust the ads.

3: You are approaching it Wrong

Are you approaching your paid ad campaigns as your sales/conversions drivers?

Are you running your ad campaigns such that you want to convert your cold or first-time audience into leads or customers?

I’m sure many are doing this. What was the result of those campaigns? The answer in all probability is – Low response.

The response is low because you cannot convert someone who knows nothing about you or your business and try to convert them into your customer by one single ad.

Conversions no longer happen like that. It happens in stages over an extended buying cycle.

4: SEO has a positive impact on the Buying Cycle

The buying cycle starts with awarenessA buyer who is facing a problem has to know about your solution. Then he should know how your solution can solve his problem, how it will benefit him and finally why should he buy it from you instead of all other competitors out there.

There’s a lot that happens from the moment the buyer realizes that he has a problem, searches the internet, finds you and decides to purchase your solution to fix his problem.

This is called a buyer’s journey or buying cycle. You can no longer transform the customer with just one ad.

Let’s assume you are running a paid ads campaign for your product or service on Google. If your ad landing page is good, you may get 1% or 2% of direct conversions which will directly come to you.

What it means is that 98% of those who clicked your ads, left without taking any action.

You can still retarget them with more ads and increase your conversion rate by another 3%. Still, it leaves 95% of your visitors out. If you have the best ad copy and a highly effective sales copy, then probably you could get 10% of your audiences to convert.

Even then, 90% of your audiences are not opting for you. That’s where most of your paid ad campaigns end. You cannot keep repeating your campaigns and retargeting your leaked customers until they convert. The cost of such repeat ads and retargeting is too high. Isn’t it?

SEO solves this problem.

5: SEO Means Increased Traffic, Engagement & Conversions

Customers do their research. That’s one of the most significant advantages of the internet from a buyer’s perspective.

Use this to your advantage. First, create relevant content to attract visitors to your website, engage them at different stages of the funnel and then finally convert them.

Get a good SEO agency or SEO expert who will work and create great content. Creating great content is mostly a one-time effort.

After that, you need to add more juice (relevancy) to the content consistently so that it retains its position on the top of the search results.

Then you build content for all the stages of the buyer’s journey and implement it on your website. People who are at the particular stage can find the content through the search engines, visit the content, consume it and then a few of them will become your sales lead.

These leads can come back anytime again for more content or check out your product or service offerings, and eventually become your customers.

All this will happen without you doing anything.

No sequential ads and no retargeting ad campaigns required. No repeated ad money to be spent. Isn’t it great?

6: SEO Builds Trust & Credibility

Since the audience has found your website via search engines, he trusts it more because he understands it takes a lot of work to rank on the top of the search results. Running the ads is relatively much simpler for any seller where he pays to get the buyer’s attention.

A lead acquired with a search result is a much better lead compared to the one obtained with ads. This leads will quickly convert to a buyer than the ad route lead because the buyer takes all the actions here without any external push. He has taken all the action himself.

And the best part is you’ll keep getting website visitors forever unless you stop updating your content. In that case, someone else will outrank you. If you update your content regularly, then you can rank for more keywords spanning across different stages of your customer journey.

That is how SEO is very much powerful and valuable than ever in these times, especially when the ad costs are rising while the ad trust is decreasing.

7: SEO Brings New Opportunities to Light

Applying quality SEO to your business means submersing an SEO expert along with you and your brand. He has to understand your passion for the business and brand truly.

The better he understands your business, the more opportunities he will find with SEO for your business to thrive.

High-quality SEO will always discover new opportunities for your business. The better a customer’s need is understood, the more product or services you can offer and thrive. You can leverage these opportunities and outshine your competitors with an early mover advantage.


Implementing strong, quality SEO on a brand’s website with relevant content will always be beneficial to that business and its marketing efforts.

SEO with buyer-specific content is the “new age” marketing technique. It’s critical to a brand’s growth in this day and age, especially as competition continues to increase and grow.





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