Why Your Facebook Ad Not Delivering

Why your Facebook Ads are not delivering |

Want to know the reasons why your Facebook Ad Not Delivering? Facebook plays a major role in Social Media Marketing. Facebook advertising is now becoming the cheapest and best way in social media marketing way to advertise online, sometimes it produces results better than the likes of Google ads and other traditional web ads. Till … Read more

Local Business Digital Marketing Tips

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If you are a local business having a locally targeted online Digital Marketing strategy is one of the best ways to get in front of your target audience. Statistics show that over 80% of consumers use a search engine when looking for information about local businesses. And over 85 % of brand engagement happens through … Read more

Social Media Lessons to Learn from TamilNadu Weatherman Posts

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Who is the Tamilnadu weatherman and what are his posts about? When massive floods hit Tamil Nadu in December 2015, a silent hero rose to the occasion. This silent hero from Chennai started a revolution in the world of weather forecasts.  During this unprecedented flooding, most cities in Tamil Nadu had a power outage and continuous … Read more

Common Misconceptions about Digital Marketing

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What are the Common Misconceptions about Digital Marketing that Small Business owners have? Some business owners who have not yet adopted an online digital marketing strategy think that having a website is good enough for getting business only. They assume that having their prospects will visit their website and they will start getting inquiries from … Read more

Digital Marketing Jobs in India

Digital Marketing Jobs in India |

What are the Digital Marketing Jobs & Scope in India? Many businesses today are changing over from traditional marketing practices to digital marketing. Until a few years ago, businesses were reluctant and hesitant to adopt online marketing. Not anymore. Digital Marketing has now become a primary and mainstream channel for Marketing. Businesses have realized that … Read more

Money is in the List

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In Online Marketing there is a saying, “The money is in the list.” The list referred to is the list of Email addresses you possess. Where do you get this list from? Can you purchase this list? No. Purchasing this list is illegal and definitely not ethical. Also if you send emails to these people … Read more