Money is in the List

In Online Marketing there is a saying, “The money is in the list.” The list referred to is the list of Email addresses you possess.

Where do you get this list from? Can you purchase this list?

No. Purchasing this list is illegal and definitely not ethical. Also if you send emails to these people it will be considered as SPAM as you are violating their privacy. The list I am referring to is permission-based and it is generated when individuals themselves provide their email address to you. This is called permission-based marketing.

How do you get individuals to provide their email addresses?

Recall the last time when you provided your email address to someone online. It was probably when you were searching for some valuable information and to get that you had to submit your email address. This is the main principle in building email lists. When an individual receives something of value then he is ready to provide his contact information.

Lead Magnet |

In the digital marketing world, this “valuable something” which you give to an individual for FREE is called a “Lead Magnet”. Some of the examples of Lead Magnets are:

  • E-Books
  • Free Trials
  • Free Course Access
  • Free Webinars etc

The principle here is, give something valuable for free, and in exchange, you get their contact information. When visitors come to your website make sure you have something of value available to them and in exchange get their email addresses.

The best way to do this is through opt-in forms. An opt-in form is a form that pops up when a visitor lands on a website. In exchange for the Lead magnet, the visitor has to enter his contact information.

landing page |

This form can be strategically placed on a few pages or all pages of your website. The opt-in form makes it convenient for the visitor to put his name and email address in an instant and get his freebie.

Another way to grow your email list is with paid advertising and landing pages.

When you do paid-ad campaigns send people to a landing page either on your website or a special domain with just the landing page content. For e.g, create an ad that says “Get a FREE consultation worth $,$$$ for FREE”.

When they click on the ad it takes them to a landing page which gives all the super benefits of the program and on the landing page have a section asking for their name and email address. The visitors opt-in for your lead magnet by providing their name, email address, etc and you compile this data to build your list.

Having a list of email addresses is very important for your travel business. It’s an asset. It is permission-based marketing. It grants you the power to reach out and communicate with your Ideal Clients with your business offerings.

Many subscribers from the email list sooner or later convert into paid customers.

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