How to Keep Your Ideal Clients Engaged


To engage with your Ideal Clients, you start conversations with them. When you converse with them intelligently, you get to know them better. Such interactions give them an opportunity to tell you what they want and need from you as a traveler.

How do you keep your Ideal Customers engaged?

Before knowing how to keep your Ideal Clients engaged, you should know precisely who your Ideal Client is.

How to know who is my Ideal Client?

In your travel business, it is essential to know who is your Ideal Client or in business terms, who is my Customer?

All communication that you do about your travel business will be based on these essential criteria.

In business, it is important to learn how to talk when to talk, but most important is who to talk.

 If I talk to everyone, then I am talking to no one.

You have to talk to people directly of your niche.

And for this, you need to figure out the personality or persona of your customer.

But how is that possible. Because your customer isn’t one single person, they are a group of people of different ages, regions, languages, etc. It can be so confusing.

How to Find the Ideal Client or Target Audience?

To find the ideal client you need to develop a Customer Avatar?

Two important aspects for developing a Customer Avatar are:

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1. Learn their Demo-graphics (What is their age/ Which region they come from etc.)

 2. Learn their Psycho-graphics (What are their Interests /Likes/ Dislikes / Fears etc.)

For this, develop a Customer Avatar questionnaire. 

From the data which you collect from the questionnaire, you have to focus on the center and not on the periphery.

In the center, you will find people from a particular age group, region, interests, likes/dislikes, etc.

Narrow down the customers to one person.

Learn the art of communicating with that person better. It is now a one on one conversation with that person.

Because every person is sitting on their laptop alone, that is why Emails and direct messages are more powerful than social media. Social media posts is talking to everyone.

“Marketing is about good conversations.”

Reflect on your past efforts at marketing and find out if you were having good conversations with your prospective clients.

“Better communicators are better Marketers”

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To be successful in marketing; you do NOT communicate with every person. You need to focus on improving your communication with your Ideal Clients.

The digital medium has given us an excellent opportunity to reach and communicate with our customers directly. And for that, we don’t have to travel or seek appointments. I can be sitting at my desk in my office and having a conversation with them.

I can also reach a wider audience. I need to learn a manner of communication that is different from how I do with friends.

The most important aspect is I need to be Authentic.

I have to be myself. I should not portray a false image or personality which many people do on social media.

People are sick of seeing false personalities. They want to listen to authentic people

Some people may not like genuine behavior and may drift away, but some will stay. I will gain new followers.

It’s part of the churning process.

To be an excellent communicator, you need to have a variety of life experiences.

It would be best if you pursue your hobbies or learn new skills or read books. Having varied experiences is vital to be a better marketer.

Here it is essential to know that you should join an existing conversation that people are already having in their minds. Do Not assume and start a new topic or discussion.

How to start a conversation online?

Write an article or a blog post with a catchy headline.

Let the headline lead to the first sentence and then to the second, third, and fourth sentences.

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Customer Engagement

Make sure every word is carved out very well as the attention span of people is very low nowadays.

You have to understand your customer so well that the products and services you sell should fit them so well they have to desire for it.

If you cant find people to fill the customer avatar questionnaire or are unable to talk or meet people then you can make an educated guess.

But, you should never assume or push a product expecting the market to accept it.

Initially, the accuracy of the customer avatar will be less but later on, you will get more accurate.

Having a name and image of a customer avatar and keeping it in front of you while writing the articles helps a lot.

By taking time to understand these leading “character,” you’ll be able to capture your ideal customer’s attention in a better way, keep them engaged and ensure that your travel business offerings are bestsellers — with the healthy profits to match.

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