How to Build a High Traffic Website for Your Business

Do you want a website that gets a lot of traffic and gives your free sales leads?

I have done two major travel website projects. The first one was my own trekking blog,  ( where I shared my 12 years of trekking experiences, narratives of my visits to exotic remote locations & adventure chronicles.

I build this blog and personal brand with an intention to share my experiences and inspiring people to explore the mountains.

When you have a personal brand it clearly articulates who you are, what you do, and how you can help others. It makes it much easier for your target audience to see value in connecting with you.

I leveraged my personal brand to build my network, both online and offline, quickly and effectively.

I conducted various off-line educational events in Decathlon which eventually promoted my brand and their products.

With this personal brand, TrekWithNazir I built trust with my audience and positioned myself as a thought leader in the trekking industry.

My website gained popularity and traffic to my site increased considerably.

I started putting up more content on my blog and over a period of time, a few of my blogs started to rank on first page of Google.

My second travel project was an adventure business website.

With the lessons learned from my first project, I was able to take this website to more than 26,000 page views in a single year.

Have a look at the statistics below.

Just with organic traffic (coming from 71 keywords on the first page of Google and 1100+ organic keywords ranking on other pages), it was able to generate 300+ quality sales leads in November and December 2019 for a trip in January 2020.

Out of these leads, 100+ were converted to paid customers.

You can see from Analytics, that in the last year, it has got more than 26,000 page views.

Now my goal is to get this much traffic every month. That would be 2.4+ Lac page views a year.

In my journey of implementing Digital marketing to promote a business online, there are a lot of things that I learned about getting traffic to a business website.

I am sharing the 3 top tips for getting traffic so that you, too, can gain confidence and build a high traffic website.

Tip 1. Taking Consistent Action 

Yes. Consistent, disciplined action is the most significant determining factor for the success of your website. When everyone is searching for secrets to get website traffic, consistency might not sound like a secret. But the real secret is: taking action every single day. Trust me; It is the No.1 skill required for driving traffic to your website.

Growing traffic to a website is like planting a seed and developing it into a tree.

In the beginning, you will not see the seed sprout into a plant. Yet, you have to keep nurturing it every single day. You have to keep publishing posts on your website, at least once in a week. Even if you are not able to see any results, keep doing it. On other days do the keyword research related to your business, analyze the traffic statistics, and prepare content for new posts.

You need to water your plant (write posts) every day. They say, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years back, and the next best time is now.” We can say the same about growing traffic to your website. The best time was three years ago, and the next best time is now.

When you start creating posts for your website, you will start seeing some results in a month or two, but the results might not be motivating. The results will be similar to a seed that sprouts into a plant, but it doesn’t bear fruits.

But, the sprouting is an indication that it is capable of bearing fruits in the future. When you post consistently, you will not be able to get leads out of it for almost six-nine months. But you keep nurturing your website if you want it to grow into a big tree that will eventually bear fruits.

When you are growing a tree, you cant measure the growth daily. Sometimes even after a week, you will not be able to see any difference. But within months and in a year, you will see that the tree is growing big and soon it will be big enough, and you can pluck fruits.

When you are publishing a post on your website, you will not benefit from it immediately, unlike paid ads where you get instant leads. That’s the hardest part about nurturing a website.

Everyone expects results immediately. Wanting instant gratification for your work is the greatest enemy of a high traffic website.

Remember how you started your business and how it has grown into what it is now. It didn’t happen overnight. There were a lot of consistent efforts over several years. That’s the only way you can create anything significant.

It’s the law of Nature. Good things grow organically and take time. You need to understand this very clearly if you have to create a high traffic website.

Here is a snapshot of the Organic keywords count and their ranking on Google. As you can see, this website has 21 important keywords ranking on the first three positions on Google search. And 50 important keywords are ranking between 4-10 positions on Google’s first page.

I have a total of 71 keywords on the first page of Google and 1100+ organic keywords ranking on other pages some of which will soon be on Google’s first page. These 71 keywords are giving free organic traffic from Google and generating sales leads without spending any money on Google ads.

All this could be achieved by consistently putting up quality content on the website.

But how to be consistent? And Where to start?

Just start with writing 500 words today about your brand. Write about the expertise you have developed in your business and click “publish.” (Or 100. Or even 50 if you can’t write 500.)

Write one useful blog post a week for your website. Write it yourself or get a content writer to do it for you. Be consistent. Don’t wait for the best quality ideas or content. Just do it and do it regularly.

What I’ve learned is this: consistency beats talent. Consistency beats luck.

And you know what –  Consistency even beats quality.

That’s right. I regularly and consistently outperform others whose work is of much higher quality than mine.

Do not do work for immediate rewards. Rewards will eventually come. If you work for the rewards, then you won’t enjoy what you are doing.

And If you don’t enjoy something, then you have to push yourself to do it. If you have to push yourself to do it, then you will not be doing it long enough for the rewards to come.

Are you good at any sport or hobby? How did you build your expertise in it? By playing regularly, right.

Have you made any systematic investments? You know how the investment grows if you repeat the same thing over and over again. After a long period, the benefit of compounding sets in, and you have a corpus.

All significant achievements in life come with the power of compounding. Health, wealth, and also website traffic 🙂

Tip 2. Write for Your Ideal customer 

The second most powerful thing that helped me grow traffic was that I was able to connect with my readers well.

As you are reading this, do you realize that I am talking directly to you?

Mostly Yes!!!

I can connect with you because I write just for you. Through this post, I will reach 100,000 people, but every person out there who is reading this post is an individual and will feel like I am writing to him directly.

You have to write for one person, and that person is your customer. You need to know that person well.

You may have a broad spectrum of customers but talk to one central customer avatar. Do you know your target customer well?

How to build your ideal Customer Avatar?

Get a fair idea about their goals, fears, aspirations, failures, mindset, attitude, and more. Know them as a friend. That is how you build a customer avatar. It’s an image you make about your customer in your mind. That’s when you can write for them.

When you write, there is a feeling that you have to relevant to all the people who will read your blog. But if you try to appeal to everybody you‘ll end up appealing to nobody. You just have to write to your target customer.

The better you are at targeting one segment of the audience, the better you will be able to connect with them.

Get their attention first. Have a conversation with them using your posts. Marketing is about good conversations.

Tip 3: Answer Buyer questions. Solve their problems.

Solve Problems Give solutions

Find buyer queries and answer them. Your website should be a channel and medium to help your buyers. Give solutions to their problems

You are reading this blog post because you want to build a high traffic website. I am writing this because I want to help you become successful by having your high traffic website.

I want you to experience the rewards that I experienced.

Even I received help from many people. I want to share this with as many people who may find this useful.

I love sharing and teaching people because the more I teach people, the better I learn what I already know.

If you are writing only about your business products and services, then you will have only a few readers from your social circle, but that’s about it. It will not spread, and you will not get more traffic because it is not helping people.

Find what your audience wants and write helpful posts on the problems they are facing.

Finding out what your audience wants is not an easy task. It takes a lot of effort to understand their problems. If required, call your existing customers. Speak to them for 10-15 minutes and understand their challenges better. Understand their desires and goals, and it will help you to answer better.

The desire to answer and help people will only come when you understand their problems.

You cannot help someone whom you do not understand. Spend less time promoting your business directly. Use this indirect method of understanding your buyer’s desires and serving them. The people whom you help will make sure they help you by promoting your brand. They will keep coming back to you for more information, and sooner or later, many of them will be your customers.


There are several tips and tricks when it comes to driving traffic to a website successfully. However, I have realized that some things are more important than other things. You might think that the design of the site is important, the images on your website should be great, it should have a perfect domain name, and each page should be attractive with excellent graphics.

Yes, they are important. But having consistency, writing for your ideal customer, and helping them by answering their queries are even more important. If you focus on the above three, you will not only make profits but also build credibility and trust.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

If you have read this 1600+ word article till now, then you have discovered the secret of keeping your audience engaged.

I wish you success.


Nazir Usman


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