Digital Marketing Interview Questions

What are the Top Digital Marketing Interview Questions and answers?

Are you going to attend a Digital Marketing interview soon?

I interview several experienced and fresher candidates for positions in Digital Marketing executives regularly. I have interviewed almost 200+ candidates in the last year.

What I have observed in all these interviews is that the majority of candidates (freshers and experienced) don’t come prepared for the interview.

My advice to all candidates looking for a good career in Digital Marketing –

Always be well prepared in the technical aspects of Digital Marketing and appear for the interview.

If you are anxious and don’t know what to prepare for your upcoming interview, I will share with you some of the top digital marketing jobs interview questions and answers.

How to prepare yourself and crack the Digital Marketing Interview?

Digital marketing interview questions |

First, understand that if you are called for the interview, it shows that the company is the need for suitable candidates whom they can hire. The interviewer is on the lookout for the right candidate who fits the role.

It also means that you are shortlisted in the screening process and they have liked your profile.

They have called you for the interview as they meet you and see in person whether you match the credentials mentioned in your resume. It is a sort of verification of your claims which you have mentioned in the resume. So go with a positive frame of mind that there are high chances that you will get the job.

But remember; never go unprepared for an interview.

They have done their part of the shortlisting you from several applicants. Now it is your responsibility to prove yourself amongst several other competing candidates.

Are you anxious about what questions will be asked in the interview?

It’s completely natural and human to be anxious about an unknown event. I have noticed that this interview anxiety is not only in freshers but also in several experienced professionals.

The only way to manage anxiety is to prepare well for your digital marketing interview.

What should the preparation be about? 

Your preparation should be such that you can demonstrate a clear understanding of the fundamentals of Digital Marketing.

Don’t bother about your qualifications. The interviewer has already looked at your qualifications before calling you. Don’t feel that you are at a disadvantage compared to a post-grad or an MBA in the field.

The interviewer is looking at your attitude, knowledge and how best you will fit in the roles.

What will you learn about Interview Questions Preparation for Digital Marketing in this Post?

To help you prepare well and make a mark in your upcoming interview, I have compiled the top Interview questions for digital marketing.

For you to understand what kind of answers the interview is looking for, I have shared three answers along with the questions that are most commonly asked.

The rest are only questions. I want YOU to search the answers and get your understanding of the topics. Hope that this compilation of questions based on my hiring experience benefits you and helps you get your dream job.

The 3 Digital Marketing Questions and Answers

Digital Marketing interview questions for freshers |

The following three questions are in the order that most interviews begin with, but you might face some new questions as well that are not in this list.

This list should give you a good understanding of the kind of questions you might be asked during the interview.

 1. What do you understand by “Digital Marketing”?

Answer: Digital Marketing is a term defined to achieve marketing objectives and goals of a business. It uses primarily online channels such as search engines, social media platforms, and emails. It involves content creation & advertising to create awareness, educate and engage potential or existing customers.

Expert Advice: Do share that the Digital mediums are a means to achieve the marketing goals. It can itself not generate nay demand for a product or service. the demand should already exist.

2. What are some of the essential activities of Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a broad term, and it includes several activities to reach out and engage with prospective customers.

Important activities under it include:

  • Search Engine Optimization – To optimize website titles, meta descriptions, content, images and everything that helps search engines to crawl website easily.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – refers to the paid traffic from search engines.
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) – It is the use of social media platforms to promote or advertise a product or service.
  • Email Marketing This is a low cost and most effective way to connect with the target customers of a business.
  • Content Marketing – It is the way of sharing valuable information to increase awareness with the motive of getting the audience to take a profitable action.
  • Affiliate Marketing – A sort of execution based advertising where you get a commission for promoting another person’s products or services on your website.

Expert Advice: Be Careful about the words and know the meaning of the terms you use. The interviewer will ask you the meaning of the terms.

3. What are the benefits of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing doesn’t allow direct interaction with customers and is costly. It is difficult to analyze how many audiences you can connect with and what was their response.

Digital marketing offers direct interaction with a higher level of engagement and statistics. Through social media and email, your target audience is instantly connected, and you get feedback through the social media comments and email replies.

The outcomes of digital marketing can be quickly and accurately measured. This measurement helps in gauging the effectiveness of the campaign and improves it on an ongoing basis. It is also useful in calculating the ROI (return on investment), which is essential for any marketing activity.

Expert Advice: Share at least two practical examples to demonstrate a deeper and more realistic understanding of the subject. E.g., in a newspaper advertisement, it is hard to accurately quantify the number of people who viewed the ad, but for a Face book ad, the exact reach number can be appropriately measured.

Dig out practical examples from your personal experiences to prove the advantages of Digital Medium.

Here is a list of the Top 10 Digital Marketing Interview Questions for Freshers.

  1. What are the top digital marketing tools that you are aware of? Which tools have you used?
  2. What are branding and Direct marketing? Are they both the same? If yes, what do the terms mean? If they are different, explain how.
  3. How do you generate traffic to a website?
  4. What is the meaning of responsive website design?
  5. Do you know about AMP? How is AMP useful for websites?
  6. What are the steps to follow to generate website traffic using Social Media?
  7. What are backlinks? What is the best way to get a natural backlink to a website?
  8. What are ‘keywords’ in digital marketing?
  9. What is the difference between SEO and SEM?
  10. What is Email Marketing and How can email marketing help a business?

Do you have any other difficult questions which you have faced in an interview and want me to add here? – Click here to Submit your Digital Marketing Interview Question.

Here is a list of the Top 15 Digital Marketing Executive Interview Questions for Experienced candidates

  1. What is a Landing Page and Call to Action (CTA)?
  2. How do you prepare it? Have you prepared any landing page?
  3. Can you explain Google Adwords? Have you run a Google Adwords campaign? How does PPC work?
  4. What do you understand by Quality Score?
  5. What factors affect the Quality Score?
  6. How can you improve conversion rates?
  7. What is On-Page and Off-Page Optimization?
  8. How does Google index a website?
  9. Can you explain Content Marketing? Give E.g.
  10. Have do you run Remarketing campaign
  11. What are the different types of SEO Practices?
  12. Name some areas where keyword optimization is done?
  13. How you do a competitive analysis?
  14. What are the emerging trends in Digital Marketing? How do you update yourself with the latest developments?
  15. What is the future of ‘Digital Marketing according to you?

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 Additional Tips on Digital Marketing Interview 

  • Demonstrate your practical experience

If you have practical hands-on experience, then demonstrate it with the website details – whether it is SEO, social media, running PPC ads, and so on.

If you are fresher, it is best to have your blog. This way you will not only gain practical experience without a job, but you can also showcase your blog during the interview.

  • Follow general interview etiquettes

Arriving on time and be dressed in formals. Smile and greet the interviewers with a firm handshake. Maintain eye contact while speaking and have a proper seating posture.

Be calm and focused instead of being anxious. Give your best and be prepared for the worst. Even if you are not selected, you are gaining valuable interview experience. This experience will lead to your next successful interview and selection.


Display the right attitude, prepare well and answer the questions asked smartly. With these top digital marketing interview questions, I’ve majorly covered the basics that you’re most likely to be questioned on.

Besides these questions, do prepare more topics on your own, especially the areas you’re not confident about.

I wish you good luck with your interview process!