5 Tips to Select the Best Digital Marketing Agency

One of the most troubled question for a small Business owner or a Brand Manager is “How to Select Best Digital Marketing Agency”.

Digital Marketing is becoming increasingly important for small business owners and brands to tap the Internet and social media platforms to gorwo their businesses and brand.

I regularly interact with clients, who have used Digital Marketing in some way (mostly Social Media) and had a frustrating experience with digital marketing agencies.

Therefore, I am sharing my Tips based on my experience in this subject and it should help you to find the best Digital Marketing Agency for your Business.

1. Does the Digital Marketing Agency rank on Search?

Check and find if the Digital Marketing Agency can rank itself for specific keywords of Digital marketing. If they appear on the first page in Google for particular keywords themselves, then probably they can list your company as well.

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Ranking themself on the first page is NOT mandatory.

Digital Marketing keyword has become a highly competitive keyword nowadays. Many freelancer teenagers are using black hat techniques and able to outrank agencies.

So, If the agency is not ranked, then you may ask if they have any of their clients whom they listed on the first page of Google with genuine content.

Not with Keyword Stuffing. ( Keyword Stuffing is an unfair technique of search engine optimization).

Keyword Stuffing is considered webspam or spamdexing and is to be avoided by all means. In this technique, keywords are loaded into a web page’s meta tags, backlink anchor or sometimes visible content to fool google crawlers and get an unfair rank advantage.

2. Previous Case Studies:

Please have a look at their past case studies. This is the most important thing to consider in selecting the right Digital Marketing Agency. They should have proven case studies to share with you.

It doesn’t matter if they don’t have many case studies or any from your industry. Go deeper into any one case study, and based on that work, you will get a fair idea if the Digital Marketing agency can help you in bringing your website on top of Google.

3. Systems & Strategies (Digital Marketing Plan):

Do they have Systems and Strategies which they have successfully deployed to drive traffic, generate leads, educate prospects?

Did they ultimately create more qualified buyers? 

Can they utilize the power of content marketing?

Can they engage your website visitors with the information they want and need while your brand starts to build trust and authority? 

SEO results are unpredictable and a lot depends on Google algorithms, but there is a higher chance you can achieve better ranking if you have a road map or a Digital Marketing plan. Without Systems and Strategies, no Digital Marketing agency can deliver results.

4. Competitor Research:

One of the ways for you to identify the right Digital Marketing Agency is by asking them to do competitors’ analysis. The better insights they give you about your competitors, the better the agency will be.

Can they analyze what’s working for your competition and leverage the intelligence to improve your rankings.

5. Pricing

The most important is the pricing. You don’t need to go with the company, which quotes the least price. It depends upon how much effort the agency is going to put in for your work. Nowadays, due to competition, many agencies pick up work at any price, but later on, they are not able to deliver.

If the agency does not perform, you lose not only your money but also precious time. You have to wait for at least three months to see if the agency work has materialized or not. After three months, if you realize that your website pages are still not ranking, you have lost precious time, which could have helped you to rank better if you had gone with a genuine Digital Marketing Agency.

The higher the effort, the higher the price will be. There are more than 800 Digital Marketing agencies in Mumbai. Due to competition, some agencies quote very low. The companies, who charge you less, work on a bulk basis, and there is a higher chance your projects is one among 100’s.

The lesser the price, the less quality of service you will get.

Beware of Fake companies or new youngsters who are flooding the market for a quick buck. 

Based on my experience, 80% of Digital Marketing companies are run by individual freelancers who may be fake or close down. They may have a theoretical knowledge of how Digital Marketing works but no practical experience.

They are the ones who are spoiling the Digital Marketing industry.

Business owners are losing hope on Digital Marketing and are getting confused about whom to trust.

Also, these new agencies follow all black-hat techniques and rank themselves for a couple of months.

Are they promising you any of the following unrealistic results?

  • Overnight rankings on Google
  • Doubled traffic in short time
  • Instant leads
  • Instant Search engine or Directory submissions
  • Thousands of Directory submissions
  • X amount of backlinks
  • Out of mark ROI projections

Avoid any Digital Marketing agency that promises anything like the above.




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